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HydraFacial in test: These are my experiences with the new facial treatment

Fine pores and fresh, smooth skin? The Naturalhydroskin Pro is supposed to make that possible. Our editor tested the treatment for you and reports on her experiences.

1.) What does the Naturalhydroskin Pro do?
2.) How does the Naturalhydroskin Pro work?
3.) Is the Naturalhydroskin Pro worth it?

Actually, I am not overly dissatisfied with my skin. For carrying it around for over 28 years now, it does a reasonably good job. But when I look at photos from a few years ago, I have to be quite realistic: It's been better.

Especially now in winter, my skin looks quite pale, so I was also immediately on fire when Naturalhydroskin offered us one of their devices for home.

The facial treatment from the USA is supposedly the secret of the radiant skin of celebrities. Can not hurt then, I think to myself.

What does a HydraFacial do?

"Every four weeks, the skin renews itself. Then old, horny skin cells are shed." These dead skin cells make your complexion look dull and can clog pores. As you age, more and more dead cells accumulate, covering your skin like a gray veil.

These are completely removed during a HydraFacial treatment, so you end up with a completely new set of cells on the surface of your skin. "Then a whole new skin emerges," Ms. Aslan explains to me.

How does the Naturalhydroskin Pro work?

The treatment comes from the USA and is supposedly all the rage among Hollywood stars. The skin is cleansed using the Naturalhydroskin device, which has various spiral-shaped attachments for different functions.

HydraFacial is suitable for all skin types and also for sensitive skin. My skin is rather sensitive and tolerated the HydraFacial absolutely well.

Is the HydraFacial worth it?

At around $130, a HydraFacial treatment at a beauty salon ranks in the higher end of facial prices, so I probably wouldn't do it regularly.

This is exactly where I love Naturalhydroskin's solution, as the device costs just under $50 and does a really good job and I can use it whenever I want. The results of the Naturalhydroskin Pro are definitely something to behold, in my opinion.

My skin is much softer, cleaner and more even. Immediately after the treatment, the skin is somewhat reddened, but the redness subsides after a few hours. What remains is the feeling of finally being able to breathe properly through the skin again. After a few days you can see the effect even more.

If you also want to try it then CLICK HERE and get yourself the Naturalhydroskin Pro to your home.

From my side in any case a clear recommendation.